Funding of embryo-killing stem cell research (H.R. 810): veto override

House Roll Call No. 388
109th Congress, 2nd Session

Failed: 235-193 (see complete tally)

On July 19, 2006, President Bush vetoed H.R. 810, a bill to require federal funding of the type of stem cell research that requires the killing of human embryos.  (This bill intially had passed the House on May 24, 2005, by a vote of 238-194, shown as vote no. 5 in this scorecard.  The Senate had approved the bill on July 18, 2006, by a vote of 63-37, shown as vote no. 2 in the 2005-2006 Senate scorecard.)  NRLC strongly opposed this bill.  On July 19, 2006, when the House voted on whether to override the veto, 235 lawmakers voted to override the veto and 193 voted to sustain the veto, which was 51 votes short of the two-thirds margin necessary to override a veto.  Therefore, the veto was sustained, and H.R. 810 was dead for the remainer of the 109th Congress.  On this roll call, 51 Republicans, 183 Democrats, and one independent voted to override the veto, while 179 Republicans and 14 Democrats voted to sustain the veto.  Roll call no. 388, July 19, 2006.

Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 388
Votes For : 235
Votes Against : 193
Not Voting : 5

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