Phony ban on human cloning (DeGette clone-and-kill bill)

House Roll Call No. 439
110th Congress, 1st Session

Failed: 204-213 (see complete tally)

H.R. 2560, sponsored by pro-cloning Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Co.), is deceptively titled "The Human Cloning Prohibition Act."  But in reality H.R. 2560 does not ban any human cloning at all.  H.R. 2560 would allow the creation of any number of cloned human embryos, for the specific purpose of harvesting their stem cells or using them in other research that will kill them.  H.R. 2560 actually bans only allowing a human clone to live, by implanting her or him "into a uterus or the functional equivalent of a uterus," or "to ship, mail, transport, or receive" such an embryo.  NRLC strongly opposes this "clone-and-kill bill."  (To read NRLC's letter to House members opposing the bill, click here.)  On June 6, 2007, less than 24 hours after the bill was introduced, the House Democratic leadership brought it to the House floor under a fast-track procedure known as "Suspension of the Rules," under which no amendments could be considered.  Under this procedure a two-thirds vote would have been required for approval -- but the bill fell short even of a simply majority, failing on a vote of 204 to 213.  This clone-and-kill bill was supported by 190 Democrats and 14 Republicans, and was opposed by 31 Democrats and 182 Republicans.  House roll call no. 439, June 6, 2007.

Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 439
Votes For : 204
Votes Against : 213
Not Voting : 15

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